Angel Cloud Art

"A Touch of Heaven Here on Earth"

AC1 - Life Is Oh-Too-Short



Life is oh-too-short to miss the chance
to  say I'm glad you're in my life.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC2 - We Grow Wiser

We grow wiser
and more beautiful
As time and experience
flow through us.

We were cute when we were young
but now, with wrinkles
and a touch of gray
we are exquisitely beautiful.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC3 - A Wise Woman

A wise woman lives
within you and me.
Sometimes we ignore her. . .
sometimes her wisdom is
drowned out
by noise, busyness and
the neediness of others,
but she waits, patiently,
knowing we'll return
for she is the best of all we are.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC4 - Dance


said the wise old woman.
"Dance from your soul and
wise women everywhere
will dance with you."

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC5 - When You Are Lonely


When you are lonely or sad
remember that those who love us
are nearer than we think.
Even though we cannot see them
they are watching over us
whispering, ‘Grow, dream, believe!’
We are not alone.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC6 - Women Friends


The women friends joined
hands and danced in a circle
and the love and energy
from their friendship rose
up to the heavens and
formed the moon so that
even on the darkest night
no woman must walk alone.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC7 - Let Yourself Be Cradled


Let yourself be cradled in
the arms of those who love you.
We are never too old to be held.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC8- You Are Strong



You are strong and capable and
I see you rising up, speaking out
and shining forth.
I celebrate the wonder of you.

© Jane Latus Emmert 201

AC9 - Keep Reaching For Your Dreams


Keep reaching for your dreams.
Don't stop believing in yourself.
I believe in you.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC10 - I See Your Beauty


I see your beauty even
when you feel less-than-beautiful.
I see the loveliness
of your tender heart,
generous soul and sweet smile.
You are always beautiful to me.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC11 - Reach For The Stars


Reach for the stars, follow your
dreams and trust your instincts.
You are a strong, wise woman.
Trust yourself.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC12 - Joy! Joy! Joy!


Joy! Joy! Joy!
You fill my heart with joy..
Thank you for being you.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC13 - You Are Both Friend And Sister To Me


You are both friend and sister to me.
Our hearts are one.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC14 - When Your Faith Is Weak


 When your faith is weak,
borrow mine.
I'm here to remind you
God sees, God knows, God cares.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013

AC15 - In You, My Friend


Because of you, my friend,
I have a reason to smile again.
Thank you for being a blessing to me.

© Jane Latus Emmert 2013